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Hideaway Cinema are delighted to have partnered with Digital Cinema Media.

About Digital Cinema Media
Digital Cinema Media (DCM) is the market leader in UK cinema advertising, providing almost 3,500 screens at over 500 sites for advertisers. DCM sells 80.1% of the cinema advertising market through exhibitors including Cineworld, ODEON, Vue, Picturehouse, Curzon, many other leading independent cinemas and HIDEAWAY Cinema, its first outdoor cinema partner. The power of cinema is its ability to reach and engage audiences with no distractions. The biggest screen, the best sound and impactful content means cinemagoers are engaged and ready to be told stories, so brands have an unrivalled opportunity to entertain and connect with them. In the last few years, cinema advertising has also become easier to plan and buy, becoming more flexible and even more affordable, with shorter production lead times and improved sound and picture quality.
For all sponsorship, advertising and promotional enquiries please contact DCM directly.

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